Leading the Farm-to-Table Catering Movement

Using locally sourced ingredients benefits our Atlanta community in more ways than one. Not only does it allow us to provide our clients with exceptionally fresh, flavorful and nutritious food, but it also supports our local businesses. Even our environment is better for the farm-to-table movement! It’s no wonder we were among the first Atlanta catering companies to lead the charge on this movement.

We are far more than just avid supporters of the farm-to-table movement; we spearhead the efforts, pushing our catering company and others to raise the standards of locally sourced fare.

Extending the Meaning of “Farm-to-Table”

Inspiration for a Seasonal Menu

Because our sample menus are flexible, we are free to change them based on what ingredients are available locally. Rather than look at our desired menu items and try to find ingredients that happen to be available, we use seasonal ingredients as inspiration for creative new dishes. The innovative cuisine that results is just one of the benefits of a flexible menu, but it is a big one!

Fresh, local ingredients dip tray

Photo By Avalon

Not Only Local, But Organic Ingredients

Whenever possible, we opt for organic foods. By sourcing these on a daily basis, it is quite impressive the array of organic ingredients we are able to find in the Atlanta area. Organic ingredients elevate the quality of our food and reduce the environmental impact of our business. This is one of the many reasons we are so grateful to be a part of this community and want to do our part to give back.

Going Beyond Fruits and Vegetables

Our connections to the Atlanta community go far beyond our relationships with local farmers,purveyors and our valued clients. We source from over 30 vendors, both local and nationwide, who also embrace the farm-to-table movement. So in addition to avoiding pesticides and a whole host of other additives that are bad for the environment and your health, we also seek out national purveyors who raise seafood and animals without antibiotics.

 Local Community Floral
Photo By Gannon

We also make an effort to reflect the core values of the farm-to-table movement in our services beyond food. We partner with an incredible array of local vendors who help make your event unforgettable. From floral designers to entertainers, there is no need to look beyond the Atlanta area for all your event needs. We know who to trust, and we can help you find your theme right here.

Shining a Spotlight on Our Community

We don’t just fit the farm-to-table movement into our services; we shine a spotlight on it. All our menus are thoughtfully prepared—treating our locally sourced ingredients with the utmost care. Always fresh and always presented in stylish and elegant ways, we do justice to the beautiful ingredients our community has to offer.

Vendor Farm-to-Table in the Community Atlanta

We also take time to recognize and applaud others who have joined the farm-to-table movement or supported the Atlanta community in other ways. In our weekly sales meetings, we highlight a vendor, farm or sales technique. We share their story, review what we purchase from them and celebrate the value they add to our services. We also have a blog where we shine “spotlights” on events to show how proud we are of all the local companies and individuals who have reasons to celebrate as well as the dedicated professionals who make their events flawless.

How It All Comes Together for You

People who were lucky enough to attend cuisine private school auction were rewarded with local dishes like grilled Springer Mountain chicken breasts with a roasted red pepper salsa, Crystal Organic smashed potatoes with a black pepper/parmesan aioli, and roasted woodland gardened carrots and beets with a logan honey-balsamic glaze. Now add your personal taste and style to our artful food and your guests will enjoy an equally incredible experience.

Roasted Woodland Carrots

Photo By Justen Clay

We are proud to have been a part of the farm-to-table movement history for decades. To bring our world-class cuisine to your Atlanta event, contact us online, via email at info@avaloncatering.com or give us a call at 404.728.0770.


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