Employee Promotions Spur Avalon’s Growth

We love to see our corporate clients succeed, and not only in accomplishing all their event goals. When working with forward-thinking and continually advancing companies like Home Depot, Deloitte, Porsche, KPMG and GE, our talented team has no shortage of inspiration to move forward in ways that benefit our clients.

One of our most recent moves to improve corporate efficiency and better serve our loyal customers is the promotion of two key employees. Appointing Ashley Mitchell as general manager and Keri-Anne Obasare as executive chef elevated the force and passion of our management team.

Passionately Serving the Atlanta Community


Ashley Mitchell

Ashley Mitchell

Ashley brings more than 13 years of experience in the catering industry to the day-to-day operations that she is proud to oversee at Avalon. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and her expertise is beyond measure. Since Ashley joined our team in July of 2016 as executive chef, her charisma and drive have been unwavering and almost instantly bettered all our developing chefs. If the new purchasing, inventory and cost control systems she implemented are any sign of what’s to come, her impact on our company’s future and your events is sure to be astounding.



Keri-Anne Obasare

After graduating from Johnson & Wales University with a degree in Culinary Arts & Foodservice Management, Keri-Anne had an insatiable hunger to apply her knowledge to the culinary industry in valuable ways. Now with six years of experience in this field, her calm focus and confidence helped her creativity shine through in everything from innovative dishes to corporate ideas. Our professionals are so grateful for Keri-Anne and the honest and caring demeanor she brings to the kitchen. Her new management role enables her to extend her efforts and generosity.


For a taste of the impact these essential employees have already had on our catering services, that have delivered fresh and flavorful food since 1992, contact us online or give us a call at 404.728.0770.

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