How to Plan an Atlanta Wedding

Planning an Atlanta Wedding with Us: How it Works

The secret to planning an extra special wedding is simple—make it memorable, forever etched into your guests’ minds. The secret to creating one of these truly exceptional weddings is to pay attention to every last detail. That is why we approach every wedding with genuine interest and exceptional care, making our professionals feel like family. That gets at the heart of the complete experience that Avalon is trusted to deliver.

Every step of Atlanta wedding planning can be filled with love; let us show you how.

How to Master Your Wedding Checklist

Choose a Caring Wedding Planner

Choose a Great Wedding Planner

One of the best wedding tips for brides and grooms is to surround yourself with supportive people. You will spend a lot of time with your wedding planner and caterer, so make sure they are someone you trust and can work with easily. A caterer with decades of experience will have more confidence and expertise to make your wedding dreams come true.

When you think you have found the right match, call a wedding professional or submit a request for information on the company’s website. Experienced Avalon wedding planners understand that this is a busy time for couples and will respond promptly. A quick email or a long call—whatever it takes. They will be available.

Request a Proposal

Creating a flawless, stress-free wedding experience is key, and the service and food are a big part of that. We know you have a wedding budget. And by telling us exactly what you desire on your special day, we can create an initial proposal.

Aside from your name, your event’s name and your phone number, these are a few of the things our professional staff will keep in mind while creating your personalized proposal:
Personalizing a Wedding Proposal

Because a full-service catering company can coordinate everything from whimsical desserts to customized signage, working with one saves you time, money and effort. Add in the relationships with local partners that an experienced Atlanta catering company brings and your wedding day is sure to be flawless.

These are a few of the services we offer for your wedding and take into account when creating a proposal:

Wedding Services

After we send an initial proposal, we are always available to discuss it and help you work within your wedding budget. We can provide additional menus and ideas to help you stay comfortably within your target budget while bringing your wedding vision to life.

Enjoy a Tasting

One of the best parts of wedding planning is enjoying locally-sourced, organic food thoughtfully prepared and bursting with seasonal flavors. Whenever you would like to take a break from the daily bustle and enjoy delicious cuisine, we will schedule a tasting of your personalized menu.

Although we always love to share our food with brides and grooms, we are most excited to hear their wedding vision. That is why our wedding planners ask questions to really understand your priorities, plans and preferences. Some of the aspects we consider are:

Other Wedding Aspects

We also want to learn about your favorite foods, restaurants and activities—then we can truly personalize your wedding catering experience! Tastings are complimentary, of course; it gives you a chance to learn about us and make sure we are the right match for your wedding. And the $40 charge for additional guests can be credited to a booking with us!

Wedding Food Tasting

Take a Walk Through

About a month before your wedding, make sure every detail of your big day aligns with your wedding dreams. We like to bring together the couple, wedding planner, facility manager and sometimes even photographer and/or florist to review your wedding vision on-site.

We literally walk through the event, making sure everything is in order. We review logistics like transportation and scout out exactly where each service and activity will run. By nailing down the finest details—right down to how the napkins will be folded—everything will run smoothly on the big day.

Finalize Your Wedding Plans

Two weeks prior to your wedding date, we will ask for the final guest count. This leads to a final invoice and the last of the planning. Now it is time to breathe a sigh of relief and relax knowing that your wedding day is in good hands.

Wedding Day!

This is when all your wedding dreams come true. Seeing the smiles of the guests and couple of honor always makes every minute spent planning worth it.

Wedding Table Setting
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Wedding Follow-Up

As you reflect on the special moments, expect a call or email from our friendly Avalon catering team. We always like to thank couples for trusting us to bring their wedding vision to life and look forward to their feedback

With more than two decades of experience catering stunning weddings, our family-owned Atlanta catering company continues to take great pride in using the freshest ingredients and the utmost attention to detail to surpass expectations within any budget.

To bring elegant designs and world-class cuisine to your wedding in Atlanta, contact our creative professionals at or give us a call at 404-728-0770.

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