Inside Access: Answers to All Your Atlanta Venue Questions

Inside Access: Answers to All Your Atlanta Venue Questions

Our team of experienced event planners is thrilled by the wide array of premier venues in and around Atlanta. Our professionals regularly service exemplary events at these popular spaces and know the intricate details of each location. As you explore our partner venues, we hope you are excited about your wonderful options. We also anticipate that your mind will be flooded with questions. To guide and inspire your event vision through the process of choosing and customizing a venue, we asked some of our experts.

Q&A with Expert Event Venue Coordinators

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With so many gorgeous options, how do I begin to choose the perfect venue for my event?

Thinking about your event theme and the type of atmosphere it is a great way to start. This will narrow down your options enough for you to be able to tour spaces and find the perfect match. Allow yourself to take your time and enjoy this journey and the beautiful places it takes you.

What amenities should I look for in a venue?

This will largely come down to the experience you want to provide your guests with, considering their entertainment and comfort. For example, in winter months you will want to look for a cozy, warm space that keeps the elements out and offers an intimate experience for your guests. And your entertainment may necessitate advanced technology.

Can you reach out to a venue for me?

Of course! Your time and energy are precious commodities, and we are here to help you save them. Feel free to let us know your questions about each space. If we can’t answer them based on our decades of experience servicing top Atlanta venues, then we will get in touch with the venue’s staff directly.
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Should ease of transportation to and from venues be a deciding factor in my choice of venues?

A convenient location can be a huge asset, especially if you plan to have lots of guests from out of town in attendance. However, keep in mind that we can arrange for seamless transportation services that will make your guests feel catered to, so a bit of travel does not have to be a negative.

How can I put my personal touch on my event space?

From custom signage and linens to family photos and recipes, our event planners know how to display your personality and story at any venue you choose. They make sure you don’t forget the very important but often overlooked details that personalize your wedding.

Do I need to inquire about food displays provided by venues?

No matter the venue you choose, we will be sure your custom menu is elegantly presented with class and style. Our fresh dishes that incorporate locally grown seasonal ingredients shine bright, and we have everything needed to artistically present them in any space.
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Clayton Brannon

Do I need to check which vendors are allowed to work at each facility?

All our partner venues work with trusted vendors who have proven track records. From DJs to photographers, we can introduce you to all the Atlanta-area professionals you need to cultivate the experience you imagine. Rest easy knowing we have worked with these experts to deliver flawless events at a variety of local venues.

How can I be sure my venue’s staff understands my event vision?

For decades, we have articulated clients’ event dreams to the people who back our partner venues and vendors. We take the time to get to know you so we can share your needs and vision with all coordinating parties.

I found the perfect space—now what?

Congratulations! First, take a moment to enjoy the satisfaction of making this final decision—it is a big one! Then choose a time for us to meet with you at your chosen venue to polish your vision and determine its unique needs in this space. Once we’ve met, you can trust us to execute your logistical needs and creative ideas. Enjoy the process of selecting and personalizing your event venue by enlisting the help of our creative team dedicated to your event vision. To share your unique ideas and needs with our experts, contact us online or give us a call at 404.728.0770.  

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